The Company is committed to always contributing to the impact of its operational activities and strives to always pay attention to and maintain environmental quality.

Policies related to the environment start from within the Company itself and as well as business units, by paying attention to aspects of the environmental management system, especially in aspects such as energy, emissions, and water.

Through the environmental management system, the Company has targets which include;

  • Make energy use efficient
  • Raising awareness of energy saving
  • Increase the use of tools that are more environmentally friendly

The initiatives that have been carried out by the Company include;

1. Energy Efficiency Efforts

As an effort for efficiency in the energy sector, the Company has made efficiency in the use of energy, both fuel and electricity.
Such as reducing electricity consumption after the end of working hours, as well as efficient use of fuel in the operational activities of the Company’s business units without disturbing the activities themselves.

2. Water Use Efficiency

In addition to energy efficiency, the Company also strives for efficient use of water in the work environment, by increasing awareness and policy on water use both within the head office or business unit operations.

3. Utilization of Technology

To reduce the impact of waste due to its business activities, the Company makes maximum use of technology and digitalization in carrying out its activities.

4. In addition to business units, especially in operational areas, the Company is actively rehabilitating the surrounding environment, including by;

Excavated Soil Rehabilitation

Implementation of Road Maintenance in Bentayan Village