Whistle Blowing System

Mechanism of Complaint Report Submission

Whistleblowing system is a guideline for employees and stake holders to report any action or events related to fraud, violation to law, company regulation, code of conduct, and conflict of interest, which can be harmful and/or damaging to the Company.

Company formed special team as drafter and evaluator in the implementation of whistleblowing system which consist of Corporate Secretary, Legal, HSE and Internal Audit divisions to draft the guidance, collect the reports, investigate the problems and give referrals to settlement process. This team directly responsible to Board Directors.

The Company is obliged to report several things concerning the submission of the Annual Report of the Issuer or Public Company point II.G.15, concerning the description of whistleblowing system as stipulated in the Circular Letter Financial Service Authority No: 30/ SEOJK.04/2016 dated August 3, 2016, covering:

Whistle Blowing Program

PT MNC Energy Investments Tbk implements a whistleblowing program through the management’s obligation from each business unit to perform the inherent supervisory functions gradually, and open violations reporting mechanism which is used as an early warning for the Company. This can be done through the improvement of the internal control system consistently. The reporting mechanism contained in the complaint reporting process, follow-up of the reporting, and communication processes and protection program from the whistle-blower.

As the company which concerns to safety aspects, Company has developed a web-based application (E Safety Management System) which accommodates the employees to report any violations regarding Health, Safety and Environment by accessing sms.indonesia-air.com.